Imran Khan

Senior Developer at Ellipse Data.

Formerly blogged about cricket analytics here.


10/02/2021 Connecting to a Raspberry Pi via SSH on Mac

02/06/2020 Build a Live Traffic WhatsApp Chatbot with Python, Flask, Folium and Twilio

30/03/2020 Build a Soccer Stats WhatsApp Chatbot with Python, Flask and Twilio

20/10/2019 Setting up a simple webpage on EC2 with a custom URL using Terraform

13/10/2019 Setting up a simple webpage on EC2 with a custom URL

28/09/2019 Running the Spark UI locally

06/01/2019 Connecting multiple containers in Docker

01/01/2019 Creating a database instance in Docker

23/12/2018 Running an Apache web server using Docker on EC2

22/12/2018 Using Jupyter within a virtual environment on macOS

12/09/2018 Deploying a Flask app using AWS

04/09/2018 Running PySpark in a Jupyter Notebook on Google Cloud

18/08/2018 Opening a Jupyter Notebook on an AWS EC2 instance

17/08/2018 Installing xgboost on an AWS EC2 Linux instance

19/11/2017 Analysing tube journeys with Folium

07/11/2017 Exploring WhatsApp chats with Python

05/11/2017 Solving the secretary problem with Python

Talks and workshops

Introduction to Pandas workshop
Representing Vodafone at Hatch London.

Introduction to Python workshop
Workshop given to work experience students at Vodafone.

Software engineering concepts
Notes from sessions given to Vodafone apprentices.


Property listings API
A REST API to search for properties currently for sale and to rent in the UK.

A Python package to access information about properties from Zoopla.

Convert StatsBomb's JSON data into easy-to-use CSV format.

Image classification REST API
Flask API using a deep learning model to classify images deployed using Nginx and Docker.

Get live cricket scores on your terminal.

Get the latest news headlines on your terminal.

Simple numpy implementation of the perceptron neural network.

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